The Second International Conference on Sustainable Phosphorus Chemistry in Berlin, Germ...

Fellows' meeting in Tarragona, 6-10 July 2015

The SusPhos fellows' meeting took place in Tarragona, Spain, from 6 to 10 July 2015...

Phosphorus recovery sites

A nice overview of the current Struvite recovery plants.

ICSPC 2014

The First International Conference on Sustainable phosphorus Chemistry (ICSPC) in Flor...

Our Researchers

About us

SusPhos represents the first training network on how to utilize the precious element phosphorus in a sustainable manner. The research done by 12 PhD students and 2 post-docs, focuses on eco-friendly production, smart use, recycling and commercial exploitation of phosphorus-based processes and materials. This approach should lead to fundamental insights into sustainable technologies and create an ideal platform for the training of young, ambitious researchers in a collaborative European setting.
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