The First Conference on Sustainable Phosphorus Chemistry

The first international Conference on Sustainable Phosphorus Chemistry is dedicated to Koop Lammerstma, which received the ‘mister sustainability’ award during the conference.
Koop was one of the first who made us in the sustainable phosphorus chemistry aware of the importance of the sustainable use of phosphorus.
The program of the conference consisted of 10 plenary presentations of Christopher Cummins (MIT), Jan Weigand (TU Dresden), Bert-Jan Deelman (Arkema), Paul Pringle (University of Bristol), Nicolas Mézailles (CNRS), Guy Bertrand (UCSD-CNRS), Ludwig Hermann (Outotect), Roland Krämer (BASF), Steven van Zutphen (Magpie polymers) and Hansjörg Grützmacher (ETHZ). Besides these presentations, the phosphorus platform gave a short introduction about the broad phosphorus challenge as well.
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