Arkema is a global chemical major with 
operations in over 40 countries, with leadership positions in specialty chemicals such as coating solutions, Industrial Chemicals and Performance Products. Arkema has 10 research centers worldwide, and a total of 85 production plants in EuropeNorth America and Asia
Research and development spending totaled roughly 150 million Euros, with half allocated to “green chemistry”. Arkema employs more than 1,200 researchers, whose work focuses on two main areas: ultra-high performance polymers and sustainable development solutions. Arkema has made sustainable development a central focus of its R&D strategy, introducing a broad array of innovative materials to help customers reduce their energy use, increase their use of renewable feedstock, develop nanostructured materials and devise the processes of the future.

Berth-Jan Deelman is a Research and Development Manager since 2005 at Arkema and Professor Industrial Homogeneous Catalysis at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands since 2009 as well. Berth-Jan Deelman received his Master Degree and finished his PhD project at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.