The Italian National research Council (CNR) is the largest network of public research institution in Italy with 108 institutes and the only one under the Research Ministry performing multidisciplinary activities. The Mission is to perform research in its own Institutes, to promote innovation and competitiveness of the national industrial system, to promote the internationalization of the national research system, to provide technologies and solutions to emerging public and private needs, to advice Government and other public bodies, and to contribute to the qualiļ¬cation of human resources.

ICCOM (the Institute of Chemistry of Organometallic Compounds) is part of CNR. Research of the partners involved in the SusPhos network are located in the Florence CNR Research Area (which is inside the University of Florence. Research of ICCOM-CNR is mainly focused on Fuel Cells &Hydrogen, Molecular Modeling, Design drugs, Catalytic Reactions, High Pressure Reactors,  Sustainable Processes and High Tech Polymers.

Maurizio Peruzzini
Maurizio Peruzzini obtained his doctors degree at the University of Florence, cum laude in 1979. Since 1986, he is researcher and research director at ICCOM (the Institute of Chemistry of Organometallic Compounds) which is part of the network of research institutes called CNR. His research centers on the activation of small inorganic and organic molecules, with particular emphasis on functionalization of white phosphorus mediated by transition metals, transition-metal hydrides, molecular hydrogen complexes, and hydrogen-storage via hydride compounds. He has been involved in many international and national research projects throughout his career and is a member of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry.